Born in Madrid, where he would live and work until 2007. His father, Pipe López, himself a trained photographer and press photographer, introduces him to the secrets of photography and successively the profession at a very early age. David publishes his first photograph at the tender age of 14. Parallel to his school education, he learns the photographer´s craft from scratch and after graduating he supplements his theoretical training with courses in various specialisations. At the age of 19 he launches his career as a professional photographer, working for all types of important Spanish print media (the political magazine “Época“, the weekly “Suplemento Semanal“, the business magazine “Actualidad Económica“, the sports dailies “diario AS“ and “Mundo Deportivo“, etc.), working with a wide variety of techniques and dealing with such diverse subjects as fashion photography, interior decoration, corporate image, photo reporting for television channels and, above all, sports photography. In recent years he has developed a special interest in the artistic aspect of photography, developing his own ideas of “pictures” and the “ways of seeing things“. In 2007 he decides to make a change in his life, quitting his job as a photo reporter and moving to Vienna, where he devotes himself almost exclusively to art photography, in combination with his actual work as Spanish teacher. Since 2009 regular exhibitions in Vienna and Lower Austria, as well as in Budapest, Khartoum and Paris (see also www.d-lopez.com).